The website includes cultural, historical, social and environmental information about Korestia (Kastoria). It has been running since 2004.

The Municipality of Korestia is composed of the Kraniona District (Pano and Kato Kraniona), Gavros, Neos Oikismos, Mavrokampos, Agios Antonios, Halara, Makrohori and Melas (Pano and Kato Melas) at an altitude of 800-900 meters above sea level. The region  produces high quality beans and there are many trails and beautiful natural landscapes that are ideal for rural tourism.

The ski resorts of Vigla and Vitsi are nearby. A guest house is established in Neos Oikismos. The area is connected by road to the city of Kastoria, which is 24 km away and the travel time 15 minutes. It is also connected to the city of Argos Orestiko which is 19 km away, where there is an airport.